Nexans in Korea Hosts Building Customer Seminar

Oct 7, 2016, Seoul – Customer seminar for General Market Customers was held in New Spring Ville Icheon on October 7, 2016. 60 customers from various business areas such as construction, distribution, wholesale and retail had attended. The main objectives were to introduce supply chain management for mutual growth and our new innovative product HFIX SSOC. Our expertise from sales team and copper hedge manager including Julien Hueber, Country Manager Korea, gathered for this seminar to testify Nexans’ technical leadership, Group’s global expertise and presence on domestic building market.

  •  Nexans Introduction & Building market trend – Ki-ho CHA, Sales VP
  •  Copper Price Trend – Hyeong-sang HAN, Treasure & Metal manager
  •  Supply chain management for mutual growth – Julien Hueber, CEO
  •  Nexans Product Innovation – Sang-soon PARK, Sales Director

A win-win approach through supply chain management
Julien Hueber, Country Manager Korea, presented supply chain management which will encourage mutual growth of customers and Nexans. He emphasized that, “Supply chain management that goes beyond logistics enables manufacturers like us, as well as our customers and distributors to run more efficient and successful business.” Supply chain management is a solution that controls a whole process of production through distribution, from suppliers to end-users. It is an efficient solution that handles from production plan, delivery to stock management.
“We can improve competitiveness by tying together manufacturers, distributors, and customers as one big eco-system with supply chain management which considers all sides of stock management throughout business process, short lead time, fast transfer of information, and co-logistics collaboration,” he added.

Create value for customers by product innovation
Sang-soon PARK, Director of General Market Sales took the occasion to present our new HFIX, ALSECURE® SSOC, as well as proper installation method for user safety. ALSECURE® SSOC is the first-ever slippery cable which enables easy installation with its slippery sheath. A focus was made on its innovative features of easy installation and resistance to humidity in addition to existing features such as fire-retardant, low-toxic, and insulation property.
the total solution approach Nexans can offer: from the initial stage of preparing the specifications, proposing the full package starting with full technical support, cables, accessories, through handling and installing the cables.
The lunch was served at the end of the seminar. Attendees and Nexans experts could continue their business exchanges in the golf event held after the seminar. This event was a strong source of motivation for local sales forces who will now ensure customer and prospect follow-up in order to make of this event a commercial success. Also, it was a good occasion to present Nexans and its dedicated solutions. Participants were very satisfied, as stated by most of them in the follow-up survey.


See below some photos of the seminar:

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