Technical seminar and plant visit for oil&gas customers

On Oct 18th, Nexans Korea hosted a technical seminar and plant visit for oil&gas customers.

Total of 65 customers attended the Seminar and 58 customers visited to our plant in Cheongwon.



Agenda & Speakers
1. Introduction of Nexans group and Nexans in Korea - Julien HUEBER (CEO of Nexans Korea)

2. Oil & Gas downstream market trend, worldwide projects and focus on customers’ objectives and requirement and our leverages and offers - Orlando VAQUERO (Global Market Segment Director Oil&Gas Downstream)

3. Innovative product – Hypron for sustainable development and maximizing the total cost of ownership of project - Julien TRUFLANDIER (Global Product Manager Oil&Gas Downstream)

4. Nexans is a solution provider of cables and accessories - Se-Gun KIM (Accessory Sales Team Assistant Manager)

5. Introduction of NRC Jincheon, main activities, and innovations on conductor, material, process, safety, environment - Ki-ho CHA (NRC-Jinchen Manager)

6. Closing - Nexans is global market leader with innovative products and total solution provider - Young-Ro RYU (Oil&gas Downstream Mining and Infra Director) 

The main objectives were to help customers to understand that Nexans is a solution provider who offers cables and its accessories, and introduce our innovations on the products.
According to survey, 90% of customers showed high satisfaction and the seminar/plant visit were helpful and useful to understand the cables and benefit of their current business.
They said they could feel the differentiation from other players and very appreciated to get useful infos.
See the video!