Creating value upstream

To meet the needs of upstream development, Nexans implemented a program based on four Pillars to create value for upstream oil & gas players. It provides the technology, quality and collaboration needed for future upstream growth

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Cable Performance

To increase operational safety on platforms, protect field assets, handle drilling muds, avoid operational downtime, allow drilling in arctic temperatures, protect against UV, and increase cable length between Variable Speed Drives and Motors:

  • Fire-resistance performance exceeding IEC60331-1&2 and BS50200 / BS6387
  • Mud-resistant cables certified for most mud types
  • Halogen-free ICEFLEX™ cables operational down to -50°C
  • UV-resistance up to 6 GJ/m2
  • Superior EMC and dielectric performance for VFD cables

Cable Installation

To facilitate easy bending and reroutingless weight for overall topside weight reduction, easy handling and cable pulling, significantly reducing installation manpower:

  • Increased and improved number of strands on cables
  • 2-4% total cable-weight reduction for most projects
  • Low-friction jacketing and easy strippability saving up to 10% manpower
  • Reduced Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) costs

Full Electrical System Offer

To increase flexibility, protection, strength, safety and connectivity through modular systems, special packages and complete kits:

  • Expertise on connectivity
  • Termination kits and cable gland solutions
  • High-quality components and innovative solutions to protect service loops in the harshest environments
  • Enhanced end-user safety

Services and Quality

To shorten lead times, increase availability, reduce the number of cable type references, optimize sizing and routing, solve problems, eliminate scrap, provide testing, improve designs and assure certification:

  • 98% On Time Delivery and fast emergency handling
  • Global inventory: US, China, Singapore, Middle East, UK, Norway
  • One-stop shopping and tailor-made solutions
  • Optimized cable lengths and tagging on reels
  • On-site engineering and electrical system design review
  • Testing, root cause analysis, statistical quality control, certification
  • Ongoing partnership with Oil & Gas upstream engineers

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